BMT CTN Protocol 0601

Unrelated Donor Reduced Intensity Bone Marrow Transplant for Children with Severe Sickle Cell Disease / The SCURT Study

Below are protocol-related documents, which may be periodically updated.

            Protocol co-Chair: Shalini Shenoy, MD (314-454-6018)

            Protocol co-Chair: Naynesh Kamani (202-884-2169)

            Protocol Officer: Mary Eapen, MD (414-805-0700)

            Protocol Coordinator: Iris Gersten (301-251-1161)

            Medical Monitor: Angela Smith, MD

The BMT CTN is committed to including widespread transplant community participation in these trials.  However, due to the limited resources, not all requests can be accommodated for each protocol. 

This BMT CTN study is limited to Core Center participation and not open to affiliate centers.