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Welcome to the Data Coordinating Center's (DCC) home page for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) vaccine trials.

IAVI is a global organization working to speed the development and distribution of preventive AIDS vaccines by focusing
on mobilizing support through advocacy and education, accelerating scientific progress, encouraging industrial participation
in AIDS vaccine development, and assuring global access. The mission of this IAVI program is to conduct clinical trials of
candidate HIV vaccines, primarily in developing countries. Currently, AIDS vaccine trials are being conducted in Europe,
Africa, India, and the United States. The volunteers in these trials are healthy, HIV-uninfected adults.
For more information about IAVI, volunteering for clinical studies, and for links to related sites, go to www.iavi.org.

The DCC supports IAVI-sponsored trials by providing data management, statistical analysis, monitoring, and administration.
The DCC is located at The Emmes Corporation in Rockville, Maryland. For information about the DCC, visit www.emmes.com.
DCC staff email: iavitrials@emmes.com; telephone 301.251.1161.

The DCC manages this web site. Resources are available to participants with authorized access.


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