The Mother's Perspective

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There are many different reasons why a mother may choose to volunteer in a research project such as the MONEAD study. Here are some reasons from two mothers who are enrolled in the NEAD study, the study preceding MONEAD.

Why did you choose to participate in the NEAD study?

Mother A: To help in any way that I can to gain knowledge about the safety of anticonvulsants for pregnant women and their babies. Also to learn anything I can about my particular situation and my baby. I'd like to be as sure as I can that the baby is safe and unaffected by the medicine that I take. I have always wondered if there is a safer alternative medication for me while pregnant or while nursing.

picture of mother holding child

Mother B: I am in the study because I want to help myself and others with epilepsy who want to have families. There is a lack of information about the effects of antiepileptic drugs. We need to be educated and given more information with regards to pregnancy.

What do you find to be the most important aspect of the study?

Mother A: Knowing the safest medication for pregnant women and their babies is the most important aspect of this study. Along with that, learning the specific effects of the medication on the baby is of great interest to me. The accuracy of this study is important to me so that we can trust the results/answers.

Mother B: The information gained may be helpful to individuals like myself who have epilepsy and want to have families. I tried to do a lot of research on my own about the potential effects of antiepileptic drugs, but there was nothing out there. This is a start.

How do you feel?

Mother A: I am glad to be able to be in the study. I am also thankful to be a part of something that I feel is so important. Children are a blessing and being a parent is a life-improving experience. I appreciate the study because it could possibly help someone who wants to have children to be able to so.

Mother B: If feels good knowing that I'm able to contribute to finding answers for people with epilepsy. I feel I'm doing everything I can for myself and for my child.