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Welcome to the NAC Webpage

The NAC is comprised of 7 members who have been elected by the nursing and coordinators group of the NAPRTCS and who are representative of the membership at large. Members of NAC are comprised of nurses from varying geographical regions and different specialty areas of nephrology. Members are nurses who have actively participated in the NAPRTCS registries or research, and have at least 1 year of pediatric nephrology experience. For more details on the NAC mission, goals and objectives, and terms of reference, please consult the NAC proposal.

The members of the NAC are as follows:

  • Michelle Sharbono, BSN, RN, CCRC
  • Julie Starr, MSN, RN, CNN *Co-Chair
  • Elizabeth Hughson, MS, RN
  • Marilyn McMullen, MS, APRN, BC
  • Cindy Richards, RN, CNN *Co-Chair
  • Kathy Pennington, MS, CRNP
  • Marian Wells, NP, RN, CNN


December 2005

Our second newsletter has been e-mailed to all coordinators. To access the newsletter, please click the link above.

Evaluation Summary 2005 Annual Meeting obtained by the Nursing Advisory Committee (NAC)

The overall summary of the evaluations are as follows:

The meeting got an overall score of 4.2 out of a possible 5

General Comments:

  • Need more Canadian based information
  • Room temperature was tolerable for the first time ever
  • Was a good location (times two)
  • Change to March (times three persons)
  • Need speaker handouts (many persons)
  • Need NAPRTCS Contact list
  • Get a different location (several persons)
  • Warmer location- Fl, Az, Tx
  • Need a session for brainstorming for possible nursing group topics
  • Overall program was excellent
  • Make sure all centers know about all studies open for enrollment
  • Many times the study coordinator is overloaded with too many new studies

Session Specific Comments:

  • Dr. Green was excellent
  • Dr. Benfield/ Michelle Sharbono's presentation was the best one of the meeting
  • PTLD was an excellent topic (several persons)
  • PTLD needs a yearly update
  • Forms submission is TOO difficult
  • Need a more user friendly computer submission system (several persons)

Possible Topics for Future Meetings :

  • Annual PTLD update
  • Nursing session for research group topics
  • Obesity
  • Development of Diabetes post transplantation
  • New ideas on adolescent compliance

Suggestions for the NAC to Focus on in 2005:

  • Need a focus on research coordinators who are not nurses
  • Strategies to increase data submission- cost effective ways- would like specific ideas
  • Nursing using the research post transplant (hypertension, obesity)
  • PD- add in # of hrs training to be able to compare education versus infection rates
  • Add in additional choices for hospitalization- catheter leaks, complications, hernias
  • Enter surgical technique of catheter placement- lap versus open, etc to be able to compare complication rates
  • Exit site infections- add a spot for type of organism
  • Research education- GCP's, FDA, LFR
  • Mentoring program for research coordinators
  • More networking- conference calls, etc

The NAC plan to address these issues and share the appropriate information with the NAPRTCS Board of Directors. We appreciate your input.


September 2004

The NAC has compiled a list of website links that provide additional information for patients with kidney disease and their families. To access this webpage, click the Other Information link on the navigation bar to the left.

August 2004

In response to feedback given to the Nursing Advisory Committee (NAC) at the 2004 NAPRTCS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas this March, the NAC would like to address the following items:

NAPRTCS Data Presentations at the ANNA Meeting

The NAC would like to offer suggestions for presentations at the ANNA Meeting using NAPRTCS data. The NAPRTCS Board of Directors has approved funding for travel and lodging expenses to the ANNA Meeting in April 2005 for a NAPRTCS member in good standing. Potential presentations can be submitted to the Participating Centers Committee (PCC) and one submission will be chosen. The deadline for abstracts for the 2005 ANNA Meeting is November 8, 2004.

Examples of research using NAPRTCS data include:

  • Causes of hypertension post transplant
  • Rates of rejection, adults versus pediatrics
  • PTLD, incidence and treatment
  • Graft survival rates
  • Albumin and/or Hgb levels at time of dialysis initiation
  • Causes of graft rejection and the differences between children and adults

A special analysis of NAPRTCS data may be approved by the PCC. The PCC chair is Dr. Stuart Goldstein. Adult data may be extrapolated from the USRDS website. Nursing research should concern nursing practice.

Assistance for Sites with IRB Issues

Providing IRB-approved consent forms for new and existing studies was recommended. Below, please find links to NAPRTCS registry and TGF-Beta IRB-approved consents.

DISCLAIMER: The NAC is not responsible for the contents of the consent forms.

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