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The Emmes full time in-house staff have extensive experience in ophthalmic clinical trials at academic institutions and private practice settings.  Emmes also has a consulting staff of eight (8).  The majority are based in the U.S. with two in Europe and one in Australia. The consulting staff  are current or former ophthalmic clinical trial Study Coordinators and Optometrists.  Emmes ophthalmic certifiers are highly credentialed and many serve on the faculties of national organizations involved in the training and certification of allied health professionals. All Emmes trainers are expected to adhere to the highest professional standards in the conduct of research and to represent our sponsors with objectivity, uniformity and integrity.

Ophthalmic Training and Certification Team at the EMMES Headquarters:

Lisa Coleman - Project Director

Melissa Cowen - Ophthalmic Certifier

Yemi Kuyinu - Ophthalmic Certifier

Anthony Watters - Ophthalmic Certifier

Steve Hobbs - Ophthalmic Certifier

Olivia Mitthivong - Ophthalmic Certifier

Jeri Zoch - Ophthalmic Certifier

Lisa Motta - Administrative Coordinator

Kimberly Dawkins - Administrative Coordinator

Linda Hendrickson - Administrative Coordinator

Please contact Lisa Coleman for information on visual function certification services.